Exploration is the foundation of learning. To explore is to take a journey into areas known or unknown without knowing exactly where such a path may lead. We have the ability to utilize all of our senses in order to launch ourselves into this process of self-refinement, a phase of creation, which lends itself to endless possibilities. An immeasurable number of avenues now enable us to exponentially expand our ability to explore. Now more than ever, the means we have at our disposal offer us a wide range of possibilities extending from the traditional to more contemporary prospects.

In creation, exploration progresses through a number of routes and paths that often intersect and intermingle. We observe, contemplate, document, analyze and experiment.

For its tenth anniversary, Pica Magazine returns to its roots and reexamines its previous topics: typography, transformation, process, space, perception, language, game, form and risk. These topics are for you to discover anew or for the first time.

Happy tenth anniversary!


February 15th 2019